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The Story of God Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.5
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Found: 2
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Laurie Johnson (Guest)
Excellent pictorial summary of the highlights of the Bible.
New Tribes clearly portrays the highlights of the Bible using pictures that are true to the culture of Bible times. I plan to order more of this clear summary of the Scriptures. This little book (smaller than a 3X5 card!) is well done, helping people new to the Bible to "connect the dots" between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Thank you!
David Bennett (Guest)
Deaf Lady in India sat spellbound as I used "The Story of God."
Menlo is deaf and about 28 years of age. She knows no Sign Language of any kind. (I should know; I have worked with the deaf full time for over 30 years.) I have seen Menlo on two visits to the Himalayan Mountains, near Gangtok. She is a burden on my heart. I trained 6 full time men with Firm Foundations materials. (One is using the materials to start a deaf church back in Myanmar.) I trained one pastor who took responsibility to teach Menlo the FF material after I left. On my last day there I gave Menlo the booklet. Then she opened it and started looking at the pages. She pointed to page 4, I think, and looked at me as if to say, " What is this?" (She knows no Sign Language, remember.) I had to pantomime the story. Then she pointed at another picture in sequence. I pantomimed that one. She went through about 15 pages of "Story of God" and I decided to pick and choose the pictures myself. (There was not time to do all 118 pages!) I went through the material in storying form, acting each one out all the way to the resurrection and ascension. Her eyes were literally bugging out. I thank God for the booklet, "The Story of God" because it gave me something to show, and leave with Menlo, that she might remember what I pantomimed for her. I can't wait to go back and see what she has done with that booklet! I want to see her saved! (
Found: 2
Show: All Reviews Positive Reviews Only Negative