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Children's Firm Foundations Complete Set Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.91
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Found: 11
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Just what every child (and adult!) needs
We have just finished taking our 6-11 year old Sunday School kids on a 2 year adventure starting with the Firm Foundations and then adapting the adult Secure in Christ and Acts to their ages. They have absolutely loved the lessons and their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and God's plan of salvation was clearly evident when they presented a summary of what they had learned to the whole church. It was great to teach and we are looking forward to starting the adventure again and adapting it to include some of the younger children.
Tami (Guest)
little bites of meat
I have recommended this curriculum to so many people. I used it for 3-4th grade and they loved it! It was perfect for that age group, they had so many questions during our studies. We recently bought the adult series so we could have the PowerPoint capability to use with the children's material.
Billy (Guest)
Not the same stories over and over
My daughter expressed a bit of boredom with the lessons in Sunday School as being repetitive. We use this curriculum for our Good News Club on Friday night and even my daughter tells me what new things she learns each week. Some lessons tax our ability to get everything into our limited time. The first book gives convincing reasons to teach the Bible in this chronological manner.
Guest Lori (Guest)
The Best!
My kids are age 6 and 9. We are starting the last book soon. I think its the best Bible study! The kids love the skits, it sets the stage. I love the layout and how easy it is to teach. It is a little bit long, but I think that is good!! Thank you!!!
Josh D (Guest)
God-Centered & Chronological, Fantastic!
Kate (Guest)
I took this curriculum and applied it to a sixth grade class and found their eyes get that light to them and say stuff that just made me think, "Yes! They got it!" My only disappointment is there has to be a shorter and even simpler way for K-2nd grade to get it. Currently, I'm refashioning a lot of this to keep the same theme and yet gear it toward the kids for this age. Chronological studies are the way to go!
Just what I was looking for
I am using this set with my seven year old son and am very pleased with the layout, the activities and the message that the New Testament is a fulfillment of the promises in the Old Testament. He enjoys the skits and the stories. It has helped me pull out the important stories in Covenants and deliver them to him in a way he can understand.
M.R. (Guest)
I just finished Creation to Christ with my 3rd-6th grade Sunday School class. It has been an awesome experience for all involved including me. I found it very easy to teach and my students were SO excited about seeing God's promises fulfilled in the New Testament as foretold in the Old Testament. I believe it has truly provided them with a great foundation of Biblical knowledge. I just ordered the Acts study and we are all excited to begin! Thank you so much for such a great tool that is full of truth for our kids!
This has been the BEST Sunday School curriculum I have ever taught! I am 3rd-6th grade Sunday School teacher as well as a public school teacher. I have used a lot of materials with watered down gospel messages. This has changed the way my students relate to the Bible and understand its message. My kids are excited about the promises God has fulfilled and promises to fulfill in the future. I had many opportunities to share the salvation message with my class. I am so thankful for such material, and believe God's message is very clear throughout. What a blessing this has been in my life as well as our church's.
Cathy Williams (Guest)
Highly Recommend!
We used this for homeschool. My daughter loved it and was usually begging for it to be done first. I loved the lay out and it nice to have a lesson already prepared for you.

Each lesson begins with a skit of characters you follow through out the curriculum. The continuing drama reminds me of Adventures in Odyssey with Whit talking with the kids.

I plan on using their other Bible curriculum as well.
Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Positive Reviews Only Negative
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