Come Rest With Me

Come Rest with Me


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Does Jesus Christ make any provision for His children today to not only experience His peace and rest but also to enter into deeper intimacy with Him? Come Rest With Me answers these questions from Scripture, punctuated with real life anecdotes that explain how Jesus can live His life through ours. The author also interviewed four widows whose husbands were killed by guerrillas. These women tell how real God’s rest is in the fiery furnace of trials.

“Credible, practical, Biblical, helpful—these words describe this book Come Rest With Me. Bryan’s years of missionary service qualify him to say something very important to all Christians. Not to be read in a hurry, this book should be both savored and heeded. In addition to the Bible, this book is a great antidote to life’s stress!”
Dr. Laura Mae Gardner, former International Vice-President, Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL.

“In these pages I have found both encouragement and challenge—encouragement to trust God through whatever difficulties I may face, and a challenge to follow the Lord fully. The true-life examples of the four missionary widows were very helpful. Thank you, Bryan, for bringing your insights to the Christian world.”
Dr. Ken Royer, Director of Missionary Care, Link Care Center, Fresno, CA.

“Bryan Coupland’s book Come Rest With Me addresses a vital issue of the Christian walk. He speaks about the Biblical concept of rest in terms of abiding in Christ and being fruitful for Him. His sound approach uses Scripture throughout and is filled with personal vignettes that bring the book alive. This is important reading for every Christian.”
Rick Schatz, President and CEO, National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families.

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