Building on Firm Foundations - Revised Edition Vol 1 & 2 CD with Vol 2 Book

BFF CD and Vol 2 Book

Volume 2 Print Edition  539 pages
CD Digital Edition of Vols. 1&2 at half price

-all 105 Bible Pictures

CDs are about the same length as the book but in pdf format.

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Table of Contents, Volume 1, Chapter 10 (excerpt), Volume 2, Lessons 12-14

About Volume 2

This volume contains the chronological Bible lessons for evangelism, beginning in Genesis and culminating with Christ's ascension. Through these lessons the hearers will come to a clear understanding of:

  • God's nature and character
  • Their own sinfulness, helplessness and hopelessness
  • Christ's all-sufficient saving work on their behalf through his death, burial, and resurrection.

Whether you are teaching in New York City or the plains of Africa, these lessons lay firm foundations for saving faith in Christ. This is an updated edition with revisions made after the original was used in more than 200 people groups.

About the CD

This digital edition of Volumes 1 and 2 has several features not available in the print edition:

  • Search on any word or phrase
  • Bible references linked to the verse
  • References to pictures linked to color pictures
  • Charts and maps available with a mouse click
  • Printable individual pages or lessons
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